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Whether you’re opening your first checking account or refinancing your home, managing your money can be complicated. And let’s be honest, bank-speak can be even more confusing! Whatever questions you have, we can almost guarantee that someone else is wondering the exact same thing. The good news is: We’re here to help with Financial Smarts, an ever-expanding collection of articles and insights to guide you on your financial journey.

Savings accounts, explained simply

While it’s easy to agree that saving money is important, choosing the right type of savings account can be challenging. You may already have a savings account, but does it provide you with the...

Save Money With These Winter Home Maintenance Tips!

If the thermometer didn't already tell you: Winter is here! While you're breaking out your heavy sweaters and jackets, remember that your home also needs protection from the cold. Here are five home...

Building Solutions—and Relationships—in the Manufacturing Industry

By Christopher Rugullies, SVP, Commercial Market Manager at Camden National Bank The manufacturing sector plays a significant role in the Northern New England economy. In Maine, where October was...
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