We all want to save money, however to many of us it just seems like once the bills are paid there is nothing left to save. Here are 10 simple money saving hacks that will help you build your nest egg pain and hassle free.

  1. Automated savings

    You can do this one of two ways and without even thinking about it your savings will grow. 

    • Use online banking to set-up an automatic monthly transfer from your checking account to your savings account
    • Designate an amount in your paycheck to be deposited in your savings account
  2. Start a piggy bank

    This childhood flashback worked for you then and it will work for you now. At the end of every day empty the change from your pockets or purse into a piggy bank. As the expression goes ‘watch your pennies and your dollars will watch themselves’. Before you know it you will have dollars in your piggy bank!

  3. Make a meal plan

    Plan your meals for the week and stick to your list at the grocery store. This will help you avoid being tempted by higher priced items you don’t need when you shop.

  4. Drink more water

    Not only is water better for you than sugary sodas but it is also less expensive. Make it even more cost effective by buying a filter and drinking tap water.

  5. Build your credit

    Good credit can save you money! Your credit score will not only be used to determine the rate on your loans but your insurance and utility company may use it to determine your rate.

  6. Designate a ‘no spend’ day

    Designate days where you do not spend a penny from your pockets. Give it a try; you’ll see it is easier than you think!

  7. Track your spending

    Record every dollar you spend and analyze your spending each month. The simple act of writing down your expenses will make you think before you spend!

  8. No more late fees

    Use Bill Pay to automate your bills and never forget to pay a bill again!

  9. The emergency fund

    You never know when unexpected expenses will arise, be prepared! Having money set aside for these surprises will take the edge off and reduce your stress level

  10. Reward yourself

    When you reach a savings goal, treat yourself to something special. Savings takes self-discipline and is not always easy. Every once in a while reward yourself for doing it. A new pair of shoes goes a long way to getting you through the tough savings times.