February and March bring a roller-coaster of weather surprises. From 60 degrees and sunny one week to whiteout blizzards, icy roads and power outages the next, New England never fails to keep us on our toes. For those of us who don’t love a wintry sleet mix, we’re often forced to spend long periods of time inside. And many of us know, being inside for too long (especially stuck at home) can start to coop you up and bring you down.

So, you might ask yourself, how are you supposed to stay bright and sunny when the weather report calls for record snowfall and dropping temperatures?

We have a few ideas to keep up your spirits, your positivity, and your productivity – all from the comfort (and confines) of your home:

Use your imagination. What’s around the corner that requires some thinking ahead? Do you have a trip you’re hoping to take? A home-improvement project you want to kick off? A birthday surprise you’re planning for a friend? Use the free time and open thinking space to really dive into an exciting new plan or project. Just imagining a week spent on the beach or your new, handmade bookcase will put you in a better mood. Make lists, take notes, and visualize each step in the process.

Get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes, all we need is a jolt of creativity to stay engaged and entertained. Pull out the old instrument you haven’t played in 10 years. Make paper snowflakes with your kids. Pick a fun recipe or bake your favorite treat. If you don’t have the right ingredients (and you can’t get to the store safely), task yourself to make the most creative meal or snack with what you have on hand!

Keep moving. There are many ways to stay active and relieve stress by exercising at home with very little extra equipment. With activities such as sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, and stretches, you can keep moving. Try out the new yoga move you learned in class the other day, or even brace the cold for a bit of shoveling every hour!

Spring clean early. There is always something to be cleaned or organized in the house. Tackle that kitchen drawer that haunts you with everything from old pens to single batteries, outdated coupons and loose coins. Venture up to the attic or down to the basement where you know items need sorting, tossing or donating. Clean every surface and sweep dust-bunnies out from their hiding spots. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated knowing your home is spick-and-span before spring has sprung.

Catch up. When in doubt, catch up on sleep, catch up on paying bills, catch up with a friend on the phone – the list goes on. A little productivity and extra time to focus can go a long way in making a dreary winter day a success!

Spring will be here soon enough, and then we might even miss the quiet calm of our backyard after a fresh snowfall. When you start to feel stir-crazy, try spending time at home building a warm fire, making a cup of tea and embracing those indoor activities you push aside once you can finally be outside again.