With crisp air and falling leaves, it’s time to bring out the pumpkin spice candles, colorful mums, and festive wreaths to transform your home this fall. As you’re removing A/C units from your windows and raking up piles of leaves, there are a few more things we wanted to remind you to tackle before winter is upon us.

Don’t forget to. . .

  1. Clean your gutters: Leaves are falling in every direction, including your gutters, so be sure to take a peek and take care of any debris that may cause drainage issues this winter.
  2. Check for drafts: Heating a home comes at a large cost, no matter how you choose to heat your home. You may be able to prevent unnecessary costs by covering drafty windows, doorways, and any other area where cool air can make its way in.
  3. Drain your outdoor faucets: Frozen faucets or even bursting pipes can cause serious damage, so take the extra step to be sure your outdoor faucets are drained and your hoses are put away. It’s a small step that can make a big difference.
  4. Bring in your outdoor furniture: Protect your outdoor furniture, grills, swings, and planters from harsh winter weather by storing it in a dry location, such as a shed, garage, or basement. If you don’t have a storage space, be sure to at least cover it with a protective cover.
  5. Fill driveway cracks: Make sure to fill in any cracks, small or large, in your driveway using a concrete crack sealer. If water gets in the cracks this winter, it will freeze and expand, likely making the cracks even larger. 
  6. Fertilize your lawn: You can prep your lawn for the winter ahead with fertilizer to help protect your grass’ roots during the freezing cold temperatures and snow. Not only does it help thwart damage, it also will make your lawn greener when spring arrives. 
  7. Test winter equipment: Before the first snowfall makes it way here, try out your snow blower to be sure it’s ready for its winter work after hibernating all summer long.

Whether you’ve owned a home for decades or it’s your first winter in your new house, these are important to do’s while you’re enjoying those fall hayrides and football games.

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