Photo of Rose Foods interior courtesy of Greta Rybus.

Developing, launching, and growing a business is a challenging endeavor. It requires research, planning, and hard work, as well as adequate funding and a lengthy list of other financial factors—just ask Tracie Reed, a licensed architect and founding president of Dextrous Creative.

Dextrous Creative is an architecture firm in Downtown Portland that prides itself on values-driven projects that include everything from apartment buildings and healthcare facilities to restaurants and coffee roasteries.

For all her financial needs—both business and personal—Tracie partners with Camden National Bank, including Christopher Abbott, vice president and senior business banker, and Philip Ingraham, vice president and senior mortgage consultant. We spoke with Tracie and Chris to find out exactly how Camden National Bank’s team has helped her business grow and flourish.

Q: What types of products/services were you looking for from a bank?

Tracie: Ten years ago, I started an architecture firm in Portland, Dextrous Creative. Camden National Bank serves our business and my personal banking needs. They have provided everything from personal mortgages, refinances, and checking/savings accounts, to our business accounts and our business line of credit. They’ve even notarized documents for me—and Blake, my dog, loves to visit and get treats at their Portland banking center. Last fall, our company purchased a vehicle for site visits with credit from Camden National Bank.

Q: Why did you choose Camden National Bank?

Tracie: As a small business owner, I found Camden National Bank’s business services were accommodating to our needs. Our previous bank charged fees any time our balance was under $1,000, which, as a small business owner, let me tell you, happens sometimes. Camden National Bank is a locally committed bank with a staff who greets you by name. Their online services allow easy direct deposits and quick transfers remotely, which saves us a lot of time. 

Q: What were your expectations?

Tracie: The staff have been extremely accommodating and patient. Knowledge is power and I often have a ton of questions about the pros and cons of various financing options. They are incredibly patient explaining technical terms and products to someone outside the industry. I know if I call and describe a lofty goal, they will strategize with me on potential applicable products or other resources. It certainly takes teamwork to make the dream work and we’re really lucky to have the Camden National Bank staff on our team. Chris and Philip—in addition to other members of the Camden team—work together on our behalf to ensure we’re aware of, and taking advantage of, the best products for our needs.

Q: How did you ensure a hassle-free experience for Tracie?

Chris: By understanding her business, I can anticipate what questions she might have or what she may need assistance with. Regularly checking in with Tracie helps to ensure that all her accounts are up to date and she has everything she needs to run her business from the banking side.

Q: Would you work with Camden National Bank again?

Tracie: I would, and I strongly recommend Camden National Bank to my friends and clients. 

Q: What would you like prospective customers to know about Camden National Bank?

Chris: We provide a one-stop shop for all their business and personal needs. I run into clients that have multiple bank accounts across other institutions, not realizing that we can assist and have all of their accounts in one place. When all their accounts are here, it can be easier to help a client because I can answer their questions and make recommendations based on their entire relationship and the trends I am seeing.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Tracie: The most important advice I’d give small business owners/consumers is to read up, educate yourself, and not be afraid to ask questions and articulate what your business needs and challenges are. There are certainly a lot of hoops to jump through in financing/banking—for good reason—which can be intimidating. The hoops are designed to protect lenders and consumers from overleveraging—that’s a good thing, as it protects your business and the bank. We really view Camden National Bank as a partner in helping us grow and maintain our business. It’s always a pleasure working with them.

Whether they connect with Chris or any of our other financial experts, local business owners are encouraged to call, email, or visit Camden National Bank for support and assistance. Don’t wait—reach out and start the conversation today!