Let’s show our support on Saturday, November 25, by shopping small!

Black Friday gets a lot of hype for deals on holiday shopping, but with 56% of Mainers employed by businesses in our communities, we’re gathering our shopping bags for Small Business Saturday. Every November, we dedicate the Saturday after Thanksgiving to supporting and celebrating the businesses that make up the cornerstones of our communities. Did you know that small businesses, as defined by the SBA, employ more than 61 million people in the US? When you shop at locally owned businesses, you make a big difference; your dollars stay in the community, help create jobs, and support local development.

Here are some ways to show your support this year:

Shop small, give big

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to shop at local businesses and pick up all the gifts on your list.

  • Try a small business you haven’t visited before—you may find your new favorite place!
  • New England is known to have some of the best cuisine in the nation, so give a gift card to your favorite local restaurant this season. It may just become the recipient’s go-to spot!

Consider purchasing branded merchandise

Many businesses have fun products that showcase their logos. Support your favorite local shops by rocking their branded products to help spread their recognition in the community and beyond.

Help your favorite small business without spending a dime

There are several ways to show appreciation for local businesses beyond shopping.

  • Use social media to stay connected by following and liking their accounts. Be sure to tag them in your posts when you visit their local shop, wear their swag, or eat their tasty food!
  • Encourage others to patronize their business by leaving a positive review showing your appreciation for their services or products.
  • Sign up for their newsletters to stay current on their latest offerings. Consider sharing exciting newsletters with friends and family.

We love our small business community, and showing your support in these easy ways can help keep it thriving!