Author: Will Klotz

Simple Tips for Even Better Wi-Fi Security

From Simply Smart Insights Contributor, Will Klotz, CISSP, Information Security Analyst at Camden National Bank Wi-Fi at home has become a staple of daily life for many of us. With computers, tablets, laptops, phones, game systems, and more connecting to the internet (without the mess of wiring), we’ve become used to the convenience of Wi-Fi. As magically useful as it can be, your home Wi-Fi network and internet router can also be a sneaky gateway for cyberattacks from outsiders to gain access to your information. You’ve likely set up a password for your home Wi-Fi network, but unfortunately, a...

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1 Phish, 2 Phish: Tips to Avoid a Phishing Email Scam

One of the most common kinds of cyberattacks we encounter today is “phishing.” This word swims around in business meetings and in the media. Everyone tells us to avoid phishing scams, but what do they actually look like? For a bit of background – the term “phishers” originally comes from a combination of “phreakers” (the word first used to describe hackers) and “fishing” (as in, fishing for information). Phishing has been around since AOL dominated the internet, and the definition of a “phisher” is fairly broad. Some phishers are harmless internet trollers, and others are professionals trying to snatch...

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Passwords and Furry Friends

From Simply Smart Insights contributor Will Klotz, CISSP, Information Security Analyst at Camden National Bank November, 2017 With all the breaches and hackers out there, how much does your password really matter? Simply put: a whole lot. Your password is the baseline between you and an attack. A strong and unique password can move you from being the little piggy whose house is made of straw to the little piggy with concrete reinforced walls. So, what makes a good password? Let’s take a look. Assume that you love cats, and decide to pay homage to that in your password....

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